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How to get agents to use the leads you’re paying for

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 7 hours 24 min ago
Say you're a real estate brokerage that invests in marketing and technology to bring in leads for your agents. How do you actually get your agents to use those leads? Panelists at Inman Connect San Francisco tackled that very question.

How to build an inclusive and diverse real estate brokerage

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 7 hours 25 min ago
Building an inclusive brokerage is not just the right thing to do, but it’s the right thing from a business standpoint, according to Inman Connect panelists

5 ways real estate agents can stay relevant while tech invades

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 7 hours 34 min ago
Many real estate agents fear technology will drive them out of business. Although technology has changed how most agents operate, it hasn't rendered them obsolete. Here are five ways to resist tech-induced obsoletion and retain clientele in this changing market.

Chime Complete Real Estate Business Solutions

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 11 hours 38 min ago
Chime is the world's smartest real estate platform.

Why Wall Street loves real estate tech, according to a short seller

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Wed, 2018-07-18 21:08
Wall Street vet Andrew Left tells real estate professionals why Wall Street suddenly loves real estate tech at Inman Connect San Francisco.

The Real Word: Who is an independent contractor?

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Wed, 2018-07-18 18:21
Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they'll talk more about independent contractor status. 

Cool down your summer with a new take on energy efficiency

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Wed, 2018-07-18 17:47
The benefits of making energy efficiency improvements include lowering your monthly bills and building client relationships by sharing what you've learned.
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