Mohan Chalagalla REALTOR®License #: CA DRE 01906706

Mohan Chalagalla REALTOR®License #: CA DRE 01906706

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As first-time home buyers, we were very nervous and weren't sure where to turn to find the best realtor. That's when we met Mohan in one of the open houses and liked his explanation and approach to buy a home. Mohan is always helpful, approachable and have answers for all of our questions. The  buying process went smoothly, Mohan was always quick to respond to any emails, texts or calls. He made sure we knew what to expect every step of the way. We're proud to say we're now the first-time homeowners and we are very much thankful to Mohan

-- Buyer, Newark, CA

Mohan helped us buy our first home in the bay area.We had minimal knowledge about the home buying process.As the listing prices in bay area are misleading these days,he guided us on how high the price will go based on a thorough market study,helped us put the right price on the property and explained the appraisal process.The appraised value for the property came in much higher than the price we offered thereby building in an equity even prior to Moving In. Mohan explained the entire purchase process to us patiently.He followed up on a regular basis in providing his inputs. He also went through the disclosures,inspection reports,closing documents and informed us of any costs involved before hand which was really helpful to us being first time home buyers.He took into consideration our budget limits and was never pushy.He was very honest about the entire process and very knowledgeable about the local market dynamics.

Mohan is such a wonderful agent and we highly recommend him to future home buyers.

-- Buyer, San Ramon, CA

Mohan was our agent for an investment home search. In this market, it's really difficult to identify the right investment opportunity. Mohan has done comprehensive market research on the property and gave us detailed insights on the differences as the property we bought had Mello-Roos taxes. He  also kept our lenders and seller agents on track to close on time. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mohan again on my future opportunities. 

-- Buyer, Dublin, CA

I am a first time home buyer and it was a great experience working with Mohan. He guided me to buy my first home with utmost care and patience. He was very prompt with all his communication with me,the listing agent and the loan officer. He answered every question of mine with minute details and I  appreciate him for his patience.He was always proactive with all concerned parties in the entire process and made sure things are done ahead of time in the right way. I highly recommend him to everyone.

-- Buyer, Fremont, CA

We met Mohan during an open house and later at a new home community sales office while we were house hunting and were impressed by his experience and intimate knowledge of the San Jose and Fremont neighborhoods. Prior to this we worked with 2 other realtors with who we did not have a good  experience. Since ours was a new home construction, we had to take couple of trips to the sales office as well as thedesign studio to select the interior and Mohan came all the way to Pleasanton and helped us out in making the right selections. He has been very responsive and kept in touch regularly throughout the home buying process until the closing and made our home buying experience a very smooth one. Being a first time home buyer, we were unaware about a lot of terms, closing costs and lender specific fees,etc but Mohan clearly explained us everything that we felt very confident going into closing. It was great working with Mohan and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home in Bay Area. 

-- Buyer, San Jose, CA

We were first time home buyers and Mohan helped us buy our dream home. Mohan was recommended to us by one of our good friends who was their agent too when they bought their first house. He is very professional, knowledgeable, has a ton of experience and keeps up to date with Bay Area real estate  trends which clearly shows when you work with him. He quickly understood what kind of home we wanted to buy, showed us several properties and made sure to follow up every week with the open houses and details of each and every one of them. Mohan with his excellent negotiation skills, helped us get incentives from the builder and with his tremendous experience, he helped us find hidden costs in loan closing costs which saved us a lot of money. Highly Recommend Mohan for all the Real Estate needs.

-- Buyer, Newark, CA

Being first time home buyers, we were a little intimidated at first. Luckily, we met Mohan Chalagalla which made the process much easier than we have anticipated. He explained the entire process clearly and helped us in finding a perfect house in a good area. He answered all our questions quickly  and efficiently. Mohan is very professional, attentive to detail and very easy to work with. Me and my wife are very happy with our first home purchase and couldn't have been more pleased with the service we received. We have already recommended Mohan to our friends and colleagues and couple of them have already purchased homes through him. I would use his services again in the future and will always recommend him to anyone looking for a home in the Bay Area.

-- Buyer, Newark, CA


As an Investor, I needed the service of a professional Real Estate Agent who is skilled at assessing investment properties and recognizing the potential for profit.

We were so fortunate to have found Mohan Chalagalla as our Realtor.

Mohan was thoroughly knowledgeable with the Bay Area Real Estate  market and the specific areas that have the present potential for growth. He helped us find the right property in the right area for the right price. He was patient and cautioned us about making unreasonable offers when we fell too quickly for overpriced homes. In short, he was always on our side working to make our property purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Mohan was that he was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding properties that met our needs than he was on closing a deal. We would recommend Mohan to anyone looking to purchase a property in Bay area.

-- Buyer, Newark, CA


Mohan is the first professional real estate agent we have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is professional, articulate, timely, transparent and consistent with his advise which is required specially for first home buyers. He patiently answered all our questions and concerns through out the  home buying process. He kept close contact with us through emails and phone calls and handled our transaction with the level of care and knowledge that one would expect. If and when we buy another house We will definitely use Mohan again and we would strongly recommend him to all of my friends and family. Thanks Mohan for all your help and expertise through out this memorable first home buying process.

-- Buyer, Hayward, CA

Mohan is a great realtor. I was an absolute novice to home buying when I was on the market to buy a home. Mohan guided me in each and every step and made sure I got the home I wanted. The duration from a thought ( to buy a home ) to result ( of having a home) was 45 days. I fully and wholeheartedly  recommend Mohan.

-- Buyer, Ardenwood, CA

Mohan was introduced to me by a friend who had a good home buying experience through him. I too had a similar experience and highly recommend his work. Initially he took time to explain the whole process and understand my expectations as a first time home buyer. He would follow up every week to  enquire about the homes I'm interested in and made it a point to visit the open houses with me. And if he couldn't, he would visit the property afterwards and followed up with me the same day. He didn't pressurize me into putting in higher offers to close quickly and had helped by negotiating the property price to below asking. I never had to worry about any follow ups during the whole process as he was always proactive and well organized. Both him and the loan officer he suggested had worked extended hours to get things done on time. Mohan remained involved all the way till closing and was accessible even afterwards for advice. I feel comfortable referring my friends to him and look forward to working with him again in future. 

-- Buyer, Newark, CA

Our dream of buying a home came true only because of Mohan Challagalla. Before meeting him, we met another realtor who tried to help us, but he merely shown few houses, with out guiding us or understanding our needs. Mohan Challagalla, on the other hand, explained us very clearly and patiently all the process that goes in buying a house and gave us great suggestions on what to look for in the home. He not only made us aware of the process, but also helped us to crystallize our thoughts on buying the right home for us. Mohan is very process oriented, prompt and structured. I strongly recommend Mohan for all your realty needs. With out him, I doubt if we could have got our dream home!

-- Buyer, Union City, CA

“We were looking for a single family home (putting only 10% down) in San Francisco South Bay Area. We met Mohan during one of the open house sessions and found him quite knowledgeable. We were impressed and asked for his assistance in the home buying process. He was prompt in connecting us with loan officers and mortgage brokers.

Mohan has been professional and diligent. He is easily approachable and ensures the job gets done in time. He provided us with lots of expertise and his experiences, which helped us in preparing for our offers on time and successful execution. His great negotiation skills helped in reducing the house price from initial offer, and, in addition, the seller agreed to take care for the closing costs as well. He has a sharp attention to details and it leveraged us a lot in completing the documentation work in time. The real time market in SF Bay Area is time sensitive and time critical decisions have to be made. We were glad that Mohan was there to guide us at each and every step in the home buying process. We have been impressed with Mohan all the way beginning from putting offer and till the closing. I would definitely recommend Mohan for anyone who is looking for home buying options in SF Bay Area. We will use his services again in future!"  

--Buyer, San Jose, CA

Mohan gave us a five star service from home search as per our criteria to the closure of home buying process. He supported and provided all the details as and when desired and followed-up at each level of home buying process. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with his service. We will highly recommend Mohan to any one who is trying to buy a property in Bay area.

--Buyer, San Jose, CA

As a first time home buyer, there are many things we were not aware of regarding home buying and probably overlooked. We tried our luck with another realtor who made couple of bids on behalf of us but didn't give us any insights on the process or what it takes in buying the house. That is when we met Mohan Challagalla. We felt very happy to get his guidance in the overall process and amazed by his patience and perseverance in explaining each and every detail through out the process. He passed valuable insights on the houses and explained us in person about all the positives and negatives of the houses we liked. He used to send us list of houses that are as per our liking and asked us to visit them at our possible time. After we list our preferences, Mohan used to visit them and gave us his expert opinion on each of them in person. He is very structured and data driven. He never tried to influence us on our decision but gave valuable inputs. His inputs helped us a lot to choose our dream home. He is prompt and organized in every step right from initial meet to getting escrow closed. He guided us in every step as a family member and been with us till we got the keys. I highly recommend Mohan for anyone looking to buy a home. 

--Buyer, Union City, CA

We were first time home buyers and were very naive and skeptical about the whole process. Our requirements were simple but budget was not flexible. But our agent, Mr. Mohan Chalagalla was very helpful and understood our situation and our preferences very well. He is very knowledgeable about the Bay Area locations, construction models, quality of houses and most importantly, about the whole purchase process. He gave us valuable suggestions while visiting the open houses yet never tried to influence our purchase decision. But once we put our offer on house, he was very prompt, fast, meticulous to every detail and sped up the whole purchase process. He made it look so seamless by handling the complexities himself. I would strongly recommend Mr Mohan to the home buyers. You can simply trust him

-- Buyer, Dublin, CA

"We were the first time home buyers looking for guidance in the overall purchasing process and we had a wonderful experience of working with Mohan, who helped us in successfully closing a single family home purchase recently. Mohan is a consummate realtor who professionally handled the end to end process by educating us on various steps involved in this reasonably complex process. He was prompt, punctual and patient in showing us several properties that matched our requirements and providing us with necessary supporting documentation and explaining the pros and cons of various purchasing scenarios. After our offer was accepted, he guided us through the process in an organized manner, collaborated with the lender and advised us on the appropriate next steps to ensure timely escrow closure.
We are pleased to have chosen Mohan as our realtor to fulfill our goal of buying our dream home in the bay area. We would highly recommend Mohan's realty services for any one looking to buy a home !! "

-- Buyer, Fremont, CA

"We had a wonderful experience in buying our home through Mohan! He was very knowledgeable and provided the right level of information to help us make decisions. He was able to lay out options for us in an easy to understand manner both in terms of what to consider on a house to bid and how to bid a price to win the offer. Our first bidding on a home won the offer and made our dream come to true to own a decent home in Bay area.In a highly overbid market like bay area Mohan made it very easy for us to get the home for the right price. He did not stop his support there. He Continued his helping hand by introducing a decent lender and took all of our pressure in renting back the home after the closure. He negotiated with the selller in getting the important repairs done. He is honest, hard-working, responsive to his clients' needs and concerns, and a skilled negotiator. His efforts on our behalf enabled us to buy a property in a good school district of North San Jose. From start to finish, we knew that we could rely on his good judgment and expertise. He communicates clearly and responds very quickly. Overall, we're really pleased with the outcome and the process of Home Buying .I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mohan to any of my friends and relatives in the area."

-- Buyer, San Jose, CA

As first time homebuyers we wanted an agent who was patient and knowledgeable in the entire home buying process and after meeting with few agents, we decided to go with Mohan. We are extremely happy that we made the right choice. He gave us his honest input about the cities/ areas (pros and cons of buying in a specific city) and was also knowledgeable about the school districts. This helped us narrow down our search, allowing us to focus on the properties. When we were ready to make an offer Mohan took us through all the steps and explained to us the entire process putting our worries to ease. Mohan gave us a fair idea of the current market allowing us to make a successful bid on a house. Once our offer was accepted Mohan was on top of things systematically letting us know the next steps to ensure that our loan was approved in timely fashion. thus allowing us to close escrow quickly. Overall we are very pleased with our experience and will highly recommend him for his future clients. !" 

-- Buyer, Campbell, CA

"Mohan Chalagalla was our agent when we purchased our first home. As first time homebuyers we had a lot of anxiety and dreaded the process of understanding and going through the home buying process. We also had a lot of restrictions on schools and were looking for properties in only one area. Mohan was patient with us, helped us navigate the process and broadened our perspective and this led us to looking at areas with similar rated schools. He showed the same great responsiveness when putting in our offer, at closing and after closing and guided us very effectively every step of the way. I am very pleased with Mohan's services and would use his services again in the future. I highly recommend him !"

-- Buyer, Pleasanton, CA

"Mohan is a very comprehensive and affable real estate agent who helped us to the core to get our dream home come true. He was so patient in showing us the homes in all the areas like Dublin, Pleasanton, Fremont and was never pushing us to any home. He clearly understood our requirements and helped us to narrow down wisely to choose the right home for our budget and personal choices. Mohan was punctual, well disciplined and adept during the home buying process from placing the offer till closing the transaction. He worked with each stakeholder and made sure things happened on time. I would highly recommend working with Mohan for making sure you buy the best home that you always wished for." 

-- Buyer, Dublin,CA


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